Glory Sway-Confidence Gear

Hey guys I’m back to plow you with some Glory Swag nuggets.  Sorry for delaying gear. I have been on an amazing journey with Abba for the last 4 months,  getting prez out. I have needed time for myself & my family.  Anyway, let’s get back to some Glory Swag advice. Before I start on rig,
I just wanted to say a couple things about Glory Swag:

1.) It’s just a fun name!!! Relax peeps I’m not trying to make you cool or swagged out. I’m going at relationships from MY angle and MY experiences with MY humor & MY style of speaking & the way I relate to this generation of revivalists. There is no need to fret.

2) My motoe for Glory Swag is simple: I LOVE PEEPS!!! I love the relationships that I have with peeps, and I love being able to be used by Abba to p

low peeps about relationship. Most importantly, I love being an example of sonship and having young peeps see the Fathers affection for me and loving me just the way I am, sneakers, beard, fitted caps, jokes and all.  He loves my jokes. He laughs at my funnies.  He makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. You know what I’m saying?

Well like Dr.Dre said” Back to the lesson at hand” haha.  Let’s talk about Confidence. One thing I see happening with young men’s pursuit of young women is the lack of  confidence.  This is not a good thing fellas. It’s a sign of weakness in yourself.  Sons of God listen to me. I am not talking about being shy. I know lots of shy guys that have confidence but just like to be quiet.  I’m talking about that mentality like “Hey, I  like u, but I have nothing to give u so I’ll play the weak one and hopefully she’ll like me (poor me)” OR!!!!!!  “Let me not act pressed and see if she bites first so I will play a lesser role so I won’t get hurt.”.  Wow! Those are not attitudes that you want to have in starting a conversation with someone you find attractive.  The first one is letting your wounds do the wooing and the other is fake confidence.  Both are nothing more than manipulation and are poor ways to get or impress females.

I was both of those things at one point in my life. I too used to believe that I had nothing to offer females because I was poor and too husky. But one of the things I learned is that I would much rather have a young lady like me for the strengths I carry than like me because she wants to help me.  I realized that I didn’t want pity . First of all, this never got me a girlfriend. (Just Saying) Second of all, when I didn’t want to be fixed or pitied anymore, they stopped wanting to be my friend because I became so annoyed by their efforts. That then led me to the other extreme: MIND GAMES.

Fellas, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  You start throwing game to see if a young lady likes you.  When she shows interest, you  pull away to make yourself feel like you’re the prize and she needs to fight for you and try to figure you out. This all comes out of insecurity and a fear of rejection. When you do this, you callous your heart and cannot experience authentic relationship. You must know the first thing about any relationship: the foundation is love, and love is sacrificial…not selfish. Like my Pastor says, when you open yourself to love you also open yourself to hurt. It comes with the territory.  I started to find out that I was hurting young ladies out of my own fear of rejection. This made me unsafe to young ladies because they were at my disposal.  I should have been protecting but instead I passed my rejection on to them. When I

got this revelation, my heart broke because instead of bringing happiness and laughter to my lady friends, I became the source a wound for them. If I had found my confidence in the Lord, I would have understood that my role was to love people because I love Him. I can’t change the way others react or if they will hurt me, but I can make sure to take responsibility for myself.

My biggest advice in these two areas is this: In the pursuit, you will make mistakes.  Use your young adult years to practice being transparent with Abba…He is the Father of light.  In Him, nothing is hidden from you.  Learn now how to expose insecurities for your Father to shine His light in you to show you what’s lurking in the deep places of your heart.  Ask your father that you would see in him the strengths that you have to overcome these weaknesses.  Also, you have to roll with a community of friends that you can trust and will be honest with you without judgement no matter what you are going through.  The New Testament Church understood the value of being in a covenantal community.  Let other’s strengths help to build you up instead of using others to feed your weaknesses. DROP!

Well, that was a lot of information! Next time, let’s talk about eye contact and how to walk in that confidence! Remember peeps, I was a client, now I’m the company president.

Glory Swag Slang Translations

  • Glory= a state of high honor
  • Swag= style, coolness, confident
  • Nuggets= Golden packages of wisdom for yo soul Rig= Blog
  • Gear = Whatever you want it to be
  • Drop = the new Amen / Hallelujah
  • Water = Peace out
  • Prez= Presence
  • Peeps= People
  • Fret= freak out
  • Game= signals
  • Plow= teach  (but it has different meaning for different season of your life) Ha
  • Motoe= motivation
  • Pressed= interested


Photos by Michelle Miller


Glory Swag 101

Nugget #1 -Don’t Rush Gear

Glory Swag is a funny revelation I got when speaking to a group of young spiritual daughters at a local pizza pub about their frustrations with young men and their lack of swag.

What is Glory Swag you may ask? Glory Swag is a revelation that I received for young Christian men that have grown up in the prophetic revival youth group homeschool swirl. I love these groups and in fact my own kids are homeschooled. BUT I have noticed something in my 17 years of youth ministry and running an inner city community center. Young men are losing the art of learning how to talk to young ladies. I see confidence diminishing and an increase of young ladies taking charge of pursuit. The relationship is always lopsided when this happens. I don’t have a problem with strong women. But I do believe it is the man’s job to search for a wife. The worst case scenario in healthy pursuit is that he will end up with just a good friend. I don’t believe in hurt feelings and broken hearts. That’s not the way to find a wife. The point is to get to the altar in one piece with joy, confidence and excitement. Let’s say it to ourselves: The pursuit is fun!!!!! The pursuit is not playing the field. Pursuit is learning to discern the difference between attraction and life long companionship. Some of the things that I notice from this generation of revivalists is how impatient they are with their feelings. For instance, I have seen with my own eyes young men force themselves to manifest next to the young lady they are interested in just so they can touch them (not sexual). There is no glory swag in that.  I have also seen young men prophesy over young women about who her husband will be, and he just happens to fit the description.  This has happened numerous times, and I like to call it, “When the prophetic goes WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!”  So here is my first blog ever. It’s dedicated to all the young men who need a little help.

1) Don’t rush into finding out if she likes you!!! You can figure out FOR YOURSELF if she does.  DON ‘T and I do mean DON’T get a friend to find out if she is attracted to you. That’s junior high gear. Fall in love with the pursuit. Stop looking at it as “she’s the one” so early in the pursuit. Stay content with being a friend to her. You can learn a lot about yourself in this stage that can be valuable when it’s time to pursue your wife. First of all, it’s ok to be attracted to a woman. It doesn’t mean because you have feelings that she is the one. It JUST means she is pretty to you. Relax. Stop thinking, “Well, God gives me the desires of my heart, and oh yeah this is a good one, why would He (God) allow me to have these feeling for her if she is not the one!!!” First of all  read the whole scripture in context. Psalm 37:4 says”Delight yourself in the Lord & he will give you the desires of your heart.” This is not saying that whatever you want God gives it to you just because you want it. When you delight in His joy, His peace, His love and His plans for you, His desires become your desires.  You will learn to discern the difference between attraction and His perfect will for your life.

Let’s tackle the second question: “Why would God give me these feelings if she’s not the one?”  First of all, God’s purpose in your life is not to overwhelm you with romantic emotions towards the opposite sex and tease you with them.  God doesn’t puppet your emotions. You have free will and need to learn to manage yourself. The truth to you is this: You’re attracted to a young lady, but in reality is she’s not yours. The truth to you is you want her to be yours and this is where you  get stuck. This is where you have a choice. Either you continue not to rush and learn more about the young lady, or you feed your emotions so much that you feel like you deserve her because you’re SOOO miserable.  This is where you feel entitled to a pity relationship. If your manipulation works and she dates you out of pity, it will not last because one day she will realize that she needs someone to take care of her. She will get tired of taking care of you like a little brother.

I can’t tell you how many failed pity relationships I have seen.  Take your time, don’t be scared of the pursuit, and get your emotions in check. Know this, from my experience, attraction wears off with time. The worst thing that can happen when honoring Glory Swag Nuggets is you end up with a good friend without a broken heart or you avoid an encounter with rejection that can feed your insecurity that then makes it difficult when it is time to buck up and find your wife.  Haha Swag is confidence in yourself & young ladies love men that are confident.  DROP!

Thanks for reading this blog. Look out for the next Glory Swag blog that will deal with eye contact and confidence. Also remember I was a client, now I’m the company President.

-Water, I’m out!!

Glory Swag Slang Translations

Glory= a state of high honor
Swag= style, coolness, confident
Nuggets= Golden packages of wisdom for yo soul
Swirl= A Gumbo of activity
Gear = Whatever you want it to be
Drop = the new Amen / Hallelujah
Water = Peace out